Doormat Info

Thank you SO much for considering my small shop for your home decor needs!  Here is some valuable information on my doormats.

  • Each doormat is hand painted by myself in my studio to ensure a quality product.
  • Doormats are delicately painted with a high quality, specialty formulated paint to withstand the elements.
  • A clear coat sealant is applied to provide additional protection.
  • These are outdoor coir rugs and will last significantly longer if protected from the elements.  A covered porch is perfect.
  • Each doormat is made from a natural coir material which means each one will have slight variations in color and/or texture.  This is to be expected as this is made from natural coir. 
  • To clean off debris, simply pick up and shake out the rug.
  • The mat will darken when wet due to the material used but will lighten as it dries.